The centre is equipped with the latest of machines which can help in the transformation- from fat to fit! We take into account your medical history if any, your personal goals, your fitness level and your schedule to devise for you your routine which would result in an overall wellness for you. Your trainer will take your individual capacities as a base and help you in strengthening your core muscles, flexibility, conditioning and your cardiovascular health.Through free-form training and machines, we can help furnish you with a rigorous total body workout which even uses Aerobics which is a fast weight reducing fun exercise routine. The levels of success that our members have experienced using Aerobics are phenomenal.

We provide step, bokwa, zumba, jazz, aerobics and many more. You can choose according to your inclination and they last according to your stamina and your difficulty level. The classes are universally classified as beginner, intermediate and the advanced depending on how long you have been on the program. Whether it is a low-impact one with one foot perennially touching the ground or a high impact one with both feet in the air like jumping, there is a designated routine for each individual put in place by the experts.

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“ Fitness is not a target, goal or destination it is a way of life….a fun life. ”

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